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Video Ads Formula REVIEW and GIANT $21600 bonuses


Video Ads Formula Review: Revealing How to Leverage Massive Traffic, Leads & Sales Through Video Ads


What is Video Ads Formula?

Video is one of the most effective way of marketing on social network right now and in accordance with the new report, the biggest social network just announce they are getting 8 billion views daily to their video.

Mario Brown immediately saw the opportunity and jumped right in running Video Ads, testing variations, figuring out how to get the cheapest leads, tweaked his landing pages for the highest conversions and here is the best part: He RECORDED EVERYTHING

After days of collecting data and investing his own money, now he is ready to showcase to you an amazing case study just for you to leverage in the minimum time spend possible.

Introducing Video Ads Formula.

Video Ads Formula is a training course made by Mario Brown that will teach you tons of thing about video marketing that he has been through such as:

Video Ads Formula’s Key Module:

If you act fast you’re getting everything including:

MODULE 01: System Overview & The “Private Members-Only” Formula

Mario gets straight to the point by delivering you the PROVEN, income generating formula right here in the first module. You’ll be off to a HUGE HEAD START by completing this lesson, you’ll discover why Video is critical PLUS You’ll get his Mental Toughness Hacks forcing you to execute and implement every lesson in this training for bigger profits & growth.

MODULE 02: Mario’s EXACT Best Converting Landing Pages & Tracking

He will show you STEP BY STEP how to create highly converting landing pages AND reveal to you the EXACT landing pages he used during this case study to get a 53% conversion rate with COLD Traffic. You’ll ALSO learn how to set up your tracking correctly in a NEWBIE FRIENDLY way anyone can understand and implement right away.

MODULE 03: Campaign Secrets & Creating The Perfect Ad

How did Mario get leads for next to nothing, penny clicks and a massive Return of Investment? Now YOU can do the same because he will take you through every step of his campaign set up, you literally look over his shoulder. Mario break down his video ads, show you how to easily get your video ad up and how to target your ideal customer like a true Pro. Become a targeting ninja with this module and see exactly how he created his ad.

MODULE 04: The Retargeting Revolution

Besides high click through rates, super cheap leads and a great Return of Investment I’m ALSO getting huge exposure, name recognition and authority credibility with each campaign thanks to super simple but POWERFUL retargeting strategies. Mario give you the EXACT ads he used and show you how to set this up Step By Step quickly & how to really be perceived as the TOP Authority in your niche thanks to the extremely powerful and low cost marketing strategy.


MODULE 05: The Results aka THE GOLD

This is when YOU BENEFIT The MOST. Mario’s spent his hard earned money for you. Tested, tracked and optimized like a maniac to fin the BEST & Most Powerful interests, bidding strategies and formulas. YOU Don’t have to spend a dollar on testing, He will REVEAL EVERYTHING.

Which interest is getting me the most clicks, how is Mobile performing vs. Desktop, what was cheaper between Cost Per Click Vs. Cost Per Impression? Guess no more because Mario have hard earned DATA and now it’s YOURS for the taking, he hand it to you. This is the gold, this is where you save time, money and headaches right away. Use his data and get the best results immediately.

MODULE 06: Creating Powerful, Converting & Engaging Videos

In this Module you’ll learn step by step how Mario creating Engaging & Converting videos that bring him views, clicks, likes, shares and most importantly very affordable leads and SALES.

Mario have training ready for you here on how to do simple but effective Screen-Capture videos the way he do them for his advertising campaigns. He’ll cover Mac, PC and even show you a 100% FREE tool to crank videos out in a snap. (You’ll LOVE this)

Then Mario’ll show you how to create in-person videos, reveal his exact set up and how you can crank out amazing videos with your Smart Phone. Of course, you can also just outsource everything and he’ll show you the best place to do exactly that for next to nothing and FAST.

MODULE 07: CRITICAL: Keeping Your Account Safe & Happy

The secret to running highly profitable, amazing and money making Facebook Ads is to be able to run Facebook Ads. It’s critical that you keep your FB Account safe & sound and there are 3 critical steps you must implement today to do that.

In this training Mario show you exactly how his students and him run massive traffic in any niche without any issues. If you give Facebook what it wants, it will love you and instead of getting your account shut down they WILL HELP YOU run better and cheaper ads period.

But you have to know what you are doing. Ignore these 3 steps or this module and sooner or later you’ll be in trouble.

Follow the simple yet powerful system Mario used and you’ll be safe, happy and you’ll get even better results guaranteed!


Exclusive Bonuses Of Video Ads Formula:

FAST ACTION BONUS 01 – $497 Value

Live Coaching With Mario: How To Capture Mobile Leads Immediately (Brand New Technology)

This is a BRAND NEW Feature Facebook just rolled out the other day. You can now collect leads DIRECTLY from mobile devices if someone is seeing your ad on their phone.

Please read this again.

You can now run ads to Mobile Devices and DIRECTLY collect leads. This was not possible until now.

Mario’ll show you how to set this up step by step and how to leverage an exclusive strategy to add those leads IMMEDIATELY to your Autoresponder in order to follow up.

NOBODY is teaching this and you’ll be one of the first people taking advantage of this brand new feature and technology. You’ll get Crazy Cheap leads this way and build a MASSIVE list fast, now prospects can opt in with ONE CLICK from their phones.

FAST ACTION BONUS 02 – $497 Value

Live Training With Mario: How To Leverage AUTOMATED Webinars With Facebook Traffic

Mario LOVE doing webinars and he love doing them live BUT he is also using automated Webinars because believe in building a lifestyle business and he love the idea of working on something once and then leveraging it automatically again and again.

That’s the power of Automated Webinars. He is sending traffic to a recorded session and with that he can 100% automate the funnel and now YOU can do the same.

He’ll teach you LIVE how to set it up, what to keep in mind and how to generate the highest Return Of Investment possible.

Plus you’ll discover how to create highly converting Webinar Presentation AND how to use cutting edge technology to set it all up in a snap and for very little money or if you choose so, for FREE.

This is an exclusive training sharing EVERYTHING that is working for Mario when it comes to using Facebook Ads with Automated Webinars to generate amazing revenue, sales and automation.

Final verdict – Your Turn!

Do not take my words for it, check out other’s before making a decision!!

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