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Consultant Funnels-Online Reputation Management Review & Consultant Funnels-Online Reputation Management $16,700 bonuses


Consultant Funnels – Online Reputation Management Review: [New PLR] Complete Pre-Built Lead-Gen Funnel

Consultant Funnels – Online Reputation Management:

As a consultant you know that finding clients is a tough job. And converting them into paying gigs can be even tougher.

Well I’ve got great news for you. My good friend and fellow offline consultant Drew Laughlin just released a brand new PLR package that will help you generate leads and convert them into paying clients!

This offer is a complete front end funnel with everything you need to generate leads.

We’re talking about a pre-made lead-gen site. Professional videos. A 6,000-word report. A 2-page checklist. Plus much more!

This PLR package is called Consultant Funnel – Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management is one of the most critical and profitable services you can offer to a local business. Most have absolutely no clue how bad reviews and what negative things people are saying about them online are hurting their business.

Drew Laughlin and his team owe it to their client to help them protect their online reputation.

This PLR package will save you TONS OF TIME AND MOUNTAINS OF MONEY because you will not have to create any of this content yourself!

Consultant Funnels – Online Reputation Management’s Key Features:

Lead-Gen Site

WordPress, HTML5, OptimizePress and ClickFunnels

Generate leads for your business by using this pre-made lead-gen site! This is a simple layout. That’s probably why it works so well. This lead-gen site is perfect for someone who wants to keep things simple. If you want something more complicated feel free to use any WordPress Theme or website template you wish.

They’ve created this lead-gen site in FOUR formats: WordPress Theme, HTML5, OptimizePress 2.0 and ClickFunnels. You can use the WordPress Theme just like you would any other theme. The only difference is that this theme is designed as a lead-gen site. Its not really designed to be used as a blog.

Each template comes with:


Conversion Videos

Also included are professionally created lead-gen videos:

You can use these videos on your lead-gen site – instead of the ecover image – on your YouTube channel or on your primary website. In fact, you can use these videos wherever you like!

Actual Videos You’ll Be Getting

The below samples are just three of the six total videos you’ll be receiving. The videos below show each version and the different voice overs.

Lead-Magnet Report – 6,000+ Words

You also get a powerful, professionally written 6,000+ word lead-gen report, “Everything You MUST Know About Managing Your Online Reputation!”.

This report covers all the details a business owner needs to know to better understand the value of managing their online reputation including:

List benefit statements of the report

This report comes with:

Lead-Magnet Checklist – 2-Pages

Checklists are a great way to keep you on track and gives you the ability to make sure you do everything needed without forgetting important tasks or steps.

This checklist is a great value-add to your lead magnet funnel that your clients will love!

Exclusive Bonuses Of Consultant Funnels – Online Reputation Management:

Source Files

Included are all of the sources files for everything you see on this page.

What that means is you get all the Word documents, graphics and video files so you can use them to best fit your needs.
Quick Start Program

Please understand that this product is NOT a training course. It is a pre-made PLR product that saves you tons of time and lots of money because everything is already created for you.

This product is designed for the experienced marketer or at least the person who knows what they are doing and understand how lead-gen sites and funnels work.

With all that being said, they have created tools and resources to help you get started quickly.

Final verdict – Your Turn!

So if you offer online reputation management services – or want to start – then this PLR package is a must have. Especially at the super low price – less than $10.00!

That’s all I’m going to say for now. Take 5-minutes and check it out for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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